About Me

This is me

Hello, I’m Chris Ramsey. I’m a stand up comedian from the North East of England currently touring all over the UK. You might have seen me popping up on the odd TV panel show like Celeb Juice. I also played Jack in BBC2's Hebburn and recently tried loads of different jobs throughout history in Channel 4's Time Crashers.

I started comedy a few years ago and it’s been one hell of a ride so far. I’ve performed five solo stand up shows at the Edinburgh festival. My second show Offermation was nominated for the Fosters' Comedy Award in 2011 (formerly the Perrier) and I took it on a sell-out national tour in Spring 2012.

I am currently taking my latest show All Growed Up around the UK on a huge tour which has been extended to include even more shows (dates and tickets can be found in the Gigs section)

That’s it really, if you want any more info there is a big, long professional biog on my management's website – but I think I’ve covered the main bits here.

Thanks for stopping by,