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  • 1 Hour ago It’s BRAND NEW #StandUpCentral day! With @tomlucy and @MrNishKumar. WHAT A LINE UP! 10pm. Tonight. @ComedyCentralUK
  • 16 Hours ago Brand new #StandUpCentral tomorrow night at 10pm people! Bloody awesome line up this week... AS USUSAL. @ComedyCentralUK. 10pm. 2mozz
  • 1 Day, 5 Hours ago Is a paint hangover a thing? Emulsioned a ceiling yesterday and today I've got a banging head
  • 1 Day, 6 Hours ago Clicking 'Show more replies' on twitter is the social media version of opening the box at the end of Se7en
  • 1 Day, 7 Hours ago Thanks! Brand new episode tomorrow too
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