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  • 5 Days, 3 Hours ago IT WORKS! It bloody works!! I dropped my PS4 last night, it was almost in 2 parts, pushed it back together and it's working! Wow...
  • 5 Days, 3 Hours ago Dreading plugging my PS4 in to see if it's still working...
  • 5 Days, 14 Hours ago Traveling home for the fringe and I'm 99% sure I just broke my PS4... Opened my mates boot and it fell out. I may cry.
  • 5 Days, 17 Hours ago That's it, @edfringe is over for me for another year. Thanks to everyone who's bought tickets to my show. It's been an absolute pleasure!
  • 2 Weeks, 4 Days ago Must have been a good sleep... I've been up for an hour and still got pillow scars on my face!
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