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  • 5 Hours ago Tomorrow I’m off to Marrakech for the #Avios50poundchallenge. I’m upping my game. #Pizzaonatrain is over, it’s all about #kebabonacamel
  • 1 Day, 2 Hours ago Cheers for the @CelebJuice love guys. Come and see me on my live stand up tour. Starts October, tickets here-
  • 1 Day, 6 Hours ago 2 days until I go to Marrakech for #Avios. Been told they have massive outdoor markets. What is so special about that? So does South Shields
  • 1 Day, 10 Hours ago Took my mate and his 6 month old baby daughter for a @NandosUK. If she doesn't eat this full extra hot chicken I've got her, I'll be furious
  • 1 Day, 14 Hours ago The one time I'm actually awake to watch @ufc and it's not on @btsport live. Unbelievable
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