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  • 4 Hours ago I have no idea how this fly got INSIDE the double glazing on my window... But it's driving my OCD up the wall
  • 4 Hours ago Right... Are you one of my funniest followers? Find out here and donate your joke today #jokeappeal @CLIC_Sargent
  • 7 Hours ago Just spitting some lyrics in the booth... (actually doing VoiceOver, but in my head I'm changing hip hop forever)
  • 21 Hours ago Loving how many tweets are coming in from people who enjoyed #VirtuallyFamous Guess what... I'm on the last episode of the series too :)
  • 1 Day, 16 Hours ago Ps. When we recorded #VirtuallyFamous I had just returned from my stag do in Portugal #NotASprayTan
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